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Shipping and Returns


You as the purchaser will specify the pick-up day on your order and this will be confirmed via return email including the address for pick-up. All fish need to be picked up on the specified day and time. Generally, this will be Friday between 5.30pm and 8.30pm, Monday (fortnightly) between 5.30pm and 8.30pm and Saturday between 7.00am and 9.30am.

Orders need to be received no later than Wednesday for a Friday/Saturday pickup and no later than Friday for a Monday (fortnightly) pickup. Orders received after this will be available for pickup on the following Monday (fortnightly) or Friday/Saturday of the following week as selected by yourself. You will also be asked to leave a contactable mobile number.

Once orders are completed on day of pick-up, if all of your order is out of stock, you will be notified by 1.00pm on the day of pick-up. It is imperative that you check your phone as every effort will be made to inform you if all of your order is out of stock. If all or part of your order is available for pick-up, you will not be contacted but be expected to pick-up your order on the day specified within our standard pick-up timeframe.



If you are entitled to a refund as per our policy and procedures, you can either provide a valid Australian account to deposit to or if picking up part of an order, cash refunds may be given as well.



All orders requiring delivery must be in and paid for by Wednesday.

If this does not occur, delivery will be made the following fortnight.The courier will leave fish at premises if no one is home (NSW only)  and they will be the responsibility of the purchasers once delivered. We take no liability for deliveries where the purchaser is not present to accept the delivery. All NSW deliveries will be made fortnightly on Tuesday’s (exceptions may apply). A minimum purchase of $75 excluding freight applies to all NSW deliveries. A $18.50 fee applies.

For interstate deliveries, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to adhere to Laws covering aquatic life relevant to their state and we take no liability for fish that do not make it through quarantine. Responsibility of the purchase lies with the buyer.

All interstate deliveries will be dispatched fortnightly on Mondays/Tuesdays (exceptions may apply) to the nearest major airport and it is the responsibility of the buyer to pick up their shipment from the airport. Details of consignment will be communicated with the purchaser.

A minimum order of $150 applies to all interstate deliveries excluding freight costs.

Shipping must be purchased at checkout. If there are any fish out of stock, the remainder of your order will still be sent via freight and a refund given for the out of stock fish. If possible, we will give you the opportunity to replace the out of stock fish with something else prior to freighting your order.

All quoted NSW prices are for orders up to a total of 15kg and all interstate orders are for a total of up to 13kg. Please note that for excessive orders that do not fit into a 13kg box (15kg for NSW), we will advise you if you would like to increase the freight charge or withdraw your order.  No cancellation fees apply.

In the event that the fish delivered to you are not alive on receipt, a photo needs to be taken of the fish still in the bag and sent to us immediately. (As soon as they arrive-within 1 hour) If this does not occur, no liability will be taken.

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